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Aug. 24th, 2013 @ 12:08 am Burning Man Stress
Gawd. it's been a crazy few months, culminating with this epic journey to Burning Man, which both has not yet begun and is already in progress.  Too many things to do, too few people helping out, too many sparkle ponies expecting others (me) to do the work... I'm fried and we don't even leave until Sunday afternoon.  Today I got up, ate breakfast and unloaded the limo full of Petra's apartment stuff alone, into the basement so that we could begin the adventure of putting white faux fur on the inside ceiling, which was exhausting just in terms of having one's arms over one's head for two and a half hours. Petra was working with me, and Diane was helping, but came late and had to leave early, typically.  Then once that was done, we had to finish building the roof rack because Howard was injured in a traffic accident last week and can't do any of the building, so Petra and I drilled and ratcheted that into place, then I cleaned up all the mess from the fur and the saw dust and staples. Then I picked all the purple beans and lettuce and made Shabbat dinner.  We ate and then drove to Velo Cult to get growlers filled with cider and look for bike rack tie-downs.  My left shoulder is totally excruciating with inflammation from, I guess, carrying stuff, installing fur, and building roof racks, picking beans and cooking all things and cleaning up.  But ouch.  I hope I have use of my arms tomorrow.  So much more to do.  Must move Petra's cat tomorrow.  Must pack tent and stuff into the trunk.  Get water.  etc etc. This is going to be fun?
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Jun. 9th, 2013 @ 07:29 pm Getting Naked on a Bike!
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Last night was the Portland World Naked Bike Ride and though I've never thought of doing it before, I was intrigued by the invitation from the Portland Art Museum to allow the naked riders into the museum exhibit before the ride for $1/article of clothing.  I thought it would be fun to hang out in the museum nude, with the nudes.  I talked to Petra about it (she has ridden it a few times) and Howard was sort of interested.  Then we got to thinking about using the tandem so we took it for a spin to see if we remembered how to use it, and then I padded up the seats with a lot of zebra fleece and it was pretty comfy.  I didn't know if I'd ride entirely naked, but once we were downtown (we took the bike on the Max, to save our strength and our butts) and got to the park blocks with all the naked people, it felt pretty okay to take it all off.  It was a warm night and we we in good company so once we were in the museum courtyard, we took off everything and checked our pannier at the museum door.  It was very cool and sort of surreal to be in the museum naked.  The oddest part was actually going to the bathroom and having nothing to pull down or pull up, then after washing my hands, and finding no paper towels, going to wipe my hands on my... not pants, and finally walking out of the ladies room nude to find men walking out of the men's room nude and it suddenly felt like one of those dreams, but not in a bad way at all.

The most uncomfortable part was being surrounded by the fully clothed gawkers taking photos of the 'crazy nekkid people', particularly the creepers who obviously saw the event as something quasi-sexual, when in fact the entire ride is about the vulnerability of cyclists and how fragile we are.  There were people of every size, shape, age and color, and we were all beautiful.  I felt much safer both with the naked people than with the clothed people at that point, and in a giant naked bike gang than surrounded by automobiles.  I appreciated the spectators who at least took off their shirts in solidarity with us.

It was a fun ride with likely 10,000 riders.  We left the south park blocks, heading up Jefferson to 12th, then up 12th to Burnside, across the Burnside bridge. There were folks all along the route cheering and waving and high-fiving us.  It was a bit brisk in the evening air once the sun was gone and I had on my zebra sweater as a cape to match my zebra helmet/hat.  Howard was freezing as he was in front blocking me from the wind. The zebra fleece seat covers worked really well and were uber comfortable.  When we turned off Burnside onto NE 9th something happened with our handle-bars and we nearly crashed as they loosened and turned at a 45 degree angle.  We pulled over and yelled at the passing crown "WRENCH! HEX WRENCH! WHO HAS A HEX WRENCH?"  Soon, some naked guy pulled over and whipped out his tool kit and tightened up or hex on the handlebars. Then he offered to follow behind us to make sure we were okay and we were off again. Some naked teenager crashed in front of us but was up and riding again before anyone was injured. We rode up towards Lloyd Center past Franz bakery, under the 16th Ave underpass.  Our hex-wrench guy caught up with us and asked us how we were doing (nice guy!).  Then we rode Broadway to 33rd.  We turned right on 33rd towards Sandy, but we were too cold to consider going back down Sandy, downtown and then ride home again, so we cut out of the crowd, put on more clothes and rode up 33rd home.

For our first ride of the year - and on the tandem - we did really well, even though we threw the chain as we tried to get up our hill. We got it back on track in order to make it home.  Definitely need a tune up though.  Anyway, that was fun. I can see doing it again even!  W00t!
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May. 10th, 2013 @ 12:39 am Portland is having an outstanding May so far.
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Hello. It's after midnight and I'm sort of hanging around on the internets because I'm trying to upload some songs and videos to DropBox which I've never used before and I'm afraid that if I turn off my computer it will stop doing the loady thing.  Not that it's urgent or anything, but I did want those videos to go up so Beth and Liz can see and edit them as they see fit.

Had a house concert tonight with Beth Hamon playing songs.  About 10-13 people came, fewer than I'd hoped, but I think they had a good time and enjoyed the music and snacks.  I did.  I really like her songs. I hope that she can make the whole album and not have to cut it down to a 4 song demo.  Whatever. I did my part and tried to get people to come and donate.  I'll probably donate $ too. Because I care.

Howard chopped off part of his left index finger last Sunday and I took him to the E.R. to get it all bandaged up better than I could do that here since I didn't have any gel-foam on hand (I stole the extra piece though, so I have some now!)  I've been changing the dressing on it, and ugh, ew, argh, ouch.  It's not pretty and I have a somewhat hard time being brave every day so that Howard doesn't have to look at his own open bare flesh and pass out from the horror of it.  He still gets woozy from just thinking about it and feeling it, but it's really better than he doesn't look at it.  It would make him throw up and pass out.  I just get that jolt of electricity in my bones feeling and a little nauseous.

I get a massage tomorrow and I am glad of that. Maybe I might go running in the morning, but I'm up awfully late for that, aren't I?

Jamie is visiting for a couple of weeks.  She had wine tonight with us, but in moderation and drank a bunch of water afterwards.  Good for her!

Petra is up visiting Tasche in Bellingham for the weekend.

Mother's Day on Sunday.  That means it's Seiza, David, Howard & my anniversary: 18 years.  That's a hella long time.  We've been married to each other as a quad longer than any of us were married as a dyad before we were in a quad.  As imperfect as it is, longevity is a thing. It's a thing by which people measure success. We have endured, perhaps out of stubbornness or inertia or complacency, but endured nonetheless.  Our poly marriage is old enough to vote.  Too bad we're still illegal and immoral and if not impossible, at least unlikely.  Happy anniversary. I remember that day really well.  It was a good day. 
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Mar. 17th, 2013 @ 06:28 pm Playing Music
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I am not a musician.  I have always enjoyed music (of certain genres that don't involve banjos) but I have never learned to read music.  When I was a child of 9 or 10 years of age, my family moved into a house that had an old upright piano.  It was not a good piano, and the former residents did not want to move it, so we inherited it. My mother could play a few hymns on the piano quite well enough that I was impressed and surprised that she didn't play more.  I had a friend down the block who could play Grieg's Norwegian Concerto in A Minor very fluently, but could play nothing else.  I would have loved to be able to sit down at a piano and just whip something out like that, even if it was only one piece.
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Mar. 9th, 2013 @ 11:44 pm Fake Spring
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It's been a really lovely couple of days in Portland.  The weather is sunny and warmish; I think it was over 60F today.  The SUN is so nice and, well, Sunny!  The past two years in March or April or May I have had the opportunity to go to Mexico and get a great big dose of sunshine and Vitamin D to keep me going until July when winter usually ends here, but this winter we've had an extraordinary number of days of sunshine which are literally nourishing for the body and soul.

Yesterday I took a continuing education seminar about how nutrition (specifically paleo-type) enhances mental health.  It was quite nice to have a doctor of psychiatry present this material to a relatively conservative clientele.  I'm seeing it in my own health for sure since I switched to a high fat, low carb, moderate protein based diet last year.  When did I read "Why We Get Fat"? I could probably find the receipt from when I bought the books, but I think it was last late spring or early summer.  Anyway, I've got a ton more energy since cutting out the carbs from my diet, and really notice a huge change when I cheat (usually by drinking alcohol or eating chocolate, though "everything in moderation" is key).  I didn't lose a whole lot of weight, but I changed shape, was able to lose the bloated inflammation around my belly and started to be able to put on muscle mass when I exercised.  Also, rather than running to lose weight, I'm actually running because I have the energy to run.  And I'm not starving all the time like I was when I was restricting calories. Now I've increased my caloric intake (due to increased fats) and have actually found a weight set-point at about 135# which feels comfortable and I'm not hungry between meals.  I suppose it's not for everyone, but I'm very glad that it works for me.  I'm glad that my mental health is also more stable.

So with the great weather I've been walking a bit.  Walked with Howard west on Alameda yesterday, then today down to Hollywood and back (in addition to running this morning).  We just got back from "the Late Now" show where Diane played the Yta by Solonen, which is a contemporary piece about a moth being drawn to and consumed by a flame.  It was at a place called the Piano Fort, which was very cool, with much decor (including the stage) made of old pianos.  We skipped out at intermission because it's Spring Forward lose and hour daylight wasting time tonight and I have clients in the morning.  Sigh.

My face hurts from what must be a salivary gland issue, and I'm not sure what to do about it.  I don't want to see a regular doctor who may recommend surgery to have sialoliths removed. I'm putting on an oil that Lori prescribed for Howard when he had a similar condition.  We'll see how it plays out tomorrow.  I'm hoping for more sunshine and warm tomorrow.  
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Mar. 5th, 2013 @ 01:04 pm Head Ouch
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Last night after yoga, Howard and I met up with Petra, Kaj-anne, Daniel and Diane at Boxxes (a gay bar) downtown to watch Jerick/Jinkx on RuPaul's Drag Race, which was really fun; much more fun than watching the re-runs on my crappy internet connection at home late into the night.  I had a hard cider with dinner and then a cosmopolitan at the bar and then the headache started.  It has not stopped.  It's been over 12 hours and I'm feeling pretty crappy.  I've tried drinking a lot of water, taking tylanol every 4 hours, drinking coffee, and drinking ice water to promote brain-freeze (a folk remedy).  While I'm sure all of these strategies have helped some, I still have a pretty substantial migraine.  I can't fault the alcohol entirely, but I do have to give it some credit.  Note to self: don't do it. Duh. Ow.

I've skipped Talmud class and am waiting for Petra to show up so we can go driving and get the limo registered.  I'm hoping I can manage to do that with my head being so hurty.  Time for more tylanol. Then I have a chiro appt this p.m. which I hope will help my neck feel better and contribute to my recovery. Bah.
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Mar. 3rd, 2013 @ 05:29 pm Sunday Funday
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Friday afternoon we got Petra's MRI results: totally negative on her knee ACL compromise.  She's fine and can just start exercises for rehab w/o any invasive surgery or anything.  We're all really happy and relieved.  And maybe now she'll have a better idea of what not to do in the future with regard to stressing that knee.

Great Shabbat dinner with Petra, Diane, Aster, Kaj-anne & Piwacket in attendance.  Lots of conversation about RuPaul's Drag Race because Petra's Middle School friend Jerick is on this season and is tearing it up like a Boss.  Saw a couple of movies this week: The Master (w/ Joaquin Phoenix) and Silver Linings Playbook.  Both good; I liked SLP better, but I still think Beasts of the Southern Wild should have gotten best actress.  Oh well.

Really nice day today: sunny and warmish. After work, which was just one client today, Howard and I took a walk down to Fred Meyer to get some tealights and batteries and stuff, then over to Aliviar Coffee in Hollywood, then back up the hill home. It's springy out; crocuses are blooming and daffodils are up and opening.  I really love walking in the city, especially seeing how many people are doing front-yard veggie gardens now. We feel like such trendsetters being the first people in the neighborhood to break ground in the front yard and making it attractive and delicious.  It surprises me how much a difference there is living up on the Alameda ridge, seeing gardens down in the Grant Park and Hollywood areas whose chard, kale and collards have over-wintered and continued to grow so much more than ours, but the micro-climates are really a thing.  I hope that putting the covered wagon over the one bed keeps it enough warmer that the plants in it flourish.  I wonder if there's any instructions about how to do it right, 'cause right now I'm just faking it.

If this is March's impression of a lion, we will have a very very mild spring.
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Mar. 1st, 2013 @ 11:17 am most important massage of the week

now i am waiting for my massage, to which i have arrived 30 min early because i am an idiot and forgot that we changed the time when we rescheduled. no worries. i have my time-wasting device. and maybe its good to not rush into a massage right from driving like crazy to get here. i can down-time, if i remember how. v. tired from up too early.

we are awaiting petras mri results. she is very optimistic about whatever the diagnosis, assured that she will survive and thrive and do again all the things that she has done before and more with only 6mos - 1yr recovery. its only pain she says and this is true. she is a superhero.

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Mar. 1st, 2013 @ 07:49 am epic imaging

(ive decided that if im mobile-lj-ing i dont have to used capitalization or punctuation)


its friday march 1 and im at the imaging center w/ petra getting her knee imaged. i went out to see a movie (the master).we had the theater literally to ourselves which was odd. the movie was also odd ; seems to be about scientology.  so went to bed at 12:30ish and set alarm for 6:15. petra spent the night so that was easier than having to pick her up crazy early, but then at 6:12 i was woken by voices talking and thought maybe bryan had his radio on, or seiza or maybe howard turned on the radio and couldnt hear how loud i was, so i jumped out of bed and opened the door and the radio was so loud it was filling the hallway & i realized it was coming from davids room (he is in seattle) & it must be his alarm clock radio, but its just this black monolithic ipod charging radio with tiny invisible buttons so i pushed randomly until it stopped and then stared at it trying to figure out how to prevent it from going off again but eventually i just unpluggged it & threw it on his bed. i have no idea why it suddenly decided to go on this morning w/o provocation when he's been gone all week, but i was sure glad that i had to be up anyway.


so we are at epic imaging and petra is having her knee looked at right now. i have no idea how long this takes. im very tired. even the crappy coffee looks tempting.

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Feb. 27th, 2013 @ 07:14 pm Yoga, Clients and Microphone
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I went to yoga this morning.  Have I mentioned how much I love my yoga class/teacher?  I really do.  I know that I will probably never be able to do many of the things that she asks us to do, and then very fluently demonstrates, as if this were water and she was a duck, but I enjoy flapping about in the pond pretending.  So then as usual on Wed morning, H & Di and I went to breakfast at Bridges, which is still our favorite place to have breakfast/brunch.  Last week we tried "Fuel" on Alberta and it was not a satisfying experience: the coffee was slow and bitter, the service was friendly but understaffed and the food was bland and very late.  At Bridges I can count on having the Salmon Benedict w/o the English Muffin, but on a bed of spinach instead and it is always wonderful.

I had clients today. Yay clients!  I saw 3 clients (two of whom paid me money and one of whom will pay me in trade on Friday).  I have 4 clients tomorrow, which is good.  It's been a slow week/month, and I'm starting to be concerned :/

Howard is testing out a new microphone to use with his hearing-aid device which I can clip to my collar so he can hear me.  I have the hardest voice for him to hear, sadly and he says I'm the person he most wants to hear.  Is it ironic or just tragic?  So they've developed this clip on mic that I can wear and it turns out that it has a fantastic range.  I can wear it when I'm in my bedroom and he can hear me in his bedroom or office just fine, so I can talk to him while I'm all by myself, muttering about nothing.  I can't hear him answer, of course, but this is not a problem because it turns out that I can carry on a conversation pretty much all alone.  I have control of when it's off or on, so I did turn it off when I was about to eat my apple because that seemed rude.  But I wonder if I turn it on now whether it will pair with the streamer at this distance and I can tell him it's time to make dinner.  I will try this shortly.

Petra fell off her aerial equipment a couple of days ago and now her doc thinks she may have severed a something, tendon or something in her knee because it snapped when she fell, the joint is all loose and it doesn't hurt.  This makes us all nervous so she's having an MRI on Friday.  I'm so glad that she's still on our insurance plan, because MRIs are not cheap and neither is knee surgery if that is required.  I hope that it's a minor tear that will heal all by itself with PT, but we'll have more information after Friday.

S is having a meeting in the living room right now, so maybe this is a good time to sneak into the kitchen an make dinner.
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